matthias feilhauer

in wien / vienna

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Work experience
professional manual therapy since 2013
Social work with children and young people - Sozialwerke Clara Fey (2016-2018)
Osteopathy in the cranial field in a medical pain therapy practice - Schmerzteam (2013-2016)

Basic Certification in NeurOptimal® (2020)
Craniosacral Therapy and Osteopathy advanced trainings at the German Upledger Institute (since 2013)
Social care work - social care work education, Caritas Vienna (2013-2015)
Shiatsu trainings at Iokai Académie Europe (2010-2013)
Alternative health pracitioner, medical basics (2010-2012)
Computer science and media, Dipl.-Ing.(FH) (2000-2005)

Memberships at the
Professional association of the Austrian cranial therapists (Upledger Institute)
European Research Center of the Club of Rome
International Center for Information Ethics